A competition with a developer driven and controversial brief for the CBD of Sydney, which is blessed with this amazing landscape yet parts of it is often totally inaccessible to the general public due to private ownership or gentrified restaurant and entertainment precincts.

Our entry, “Coastal Urbanism” is a protest entry focusing on exploration rather than taking on a generic European model of urban design or water edge design. Our scheme recognises the way the Australian coastline, particularly that of Sydney Harbour and surrounds, are made up of a variety of different spaces, from headlands to little secluded coves to wide open beaches. The way we experience and journey through these geographical features too, is dynamic and unfolds as you discover the forms shaped by the powerful forces of nature.

Human behavior at a beach is unlike that of a typical waterfront promenade or the city streets. There is a sense of social equality at the beach where difference people of different socio-economical and ethnical background mingle as the layers of social clothing is peeled away for the sun, sea and breeze.

east darling harbour