Location on one of the major arterial roads of Melbourne, the owners of this hundred year old equestrian business wanted to communicate to the passing traffic that they also do shade-cloths and canvases. Essentially commissioned as a signage design using their products, we liked to link the equestrian history of the company and the velocity of which this 'signage' will be viewed.

The solution is an architectural facade design that was inspired by overlaid strobe light photos of a running horse. As the facade faces west, by using multiple layers of shade-cloths we were able to create complex layering of light and shade, mutating from a simple square to a dynamic composition at the street corner where the existing entry is.

We were subsequently invited back to design and curate an exhibition of their old leather-working tools by basically using found objects in their storage and cost effective measures to bring new life to these forgotten items.

photography by kevin hui + jack gamble