commendation award

"The jury has also awarded a commendation to the scheme by Kevin Hui of 4site. While the jury favoured schemes that placed more emphasis on urban design, the refinement of the bus shelter module in this scheme shows a strong composition of material, controlled detailing and integrates all aspects of the programme in a convincing manner."

The charcoal grey, steely exterior of these transport portals are like the grey suits of corporate life. The interiors of these structures are lined with timber, representing individuality, warmth and character, which is like the souls of these suit clad commuters of North Sydney. The open structures tries to break down the stereo image of what a bus stop must look like and almost could function or appear to be small cafes or resting pavilions. It also in some way echos the arrangement of a bus, thereby psychologically prepare the travelers for their mode of transport. The ad-hoc seating arrangement allows people to site facing any direction.

north sydney bus shelter