A collective of businesses, namely a marketing agency, graphic design studio and a publication's office previously shared the same premises and wanted to combine and become one entity to provide a fully packaged service. They needed new office space for that new branding exercise. We were engaged as they wanted a low budget yet effective design solution. Each entity and person had very different requirement and the brief we were given was a rough sketch plan of haphazardly organized orthogonal layout of rooms. The meeting room is to be centrally located as it is the only truly communal entity that would identify the newly combined business.

In trying to deal with the graphic design arm of the business which has different room size requirements, we have provided an angled wall in plan that would also give the opportunity to put their own graphics on the other side as a gallery of their own work upon entry to the premises' common reception area. The offset 'cube', partly based on the fact one of the entities was previously known as 'Cube Concepts' further emphasize the dynamic nature of this newly formed business.

photography by kevin hui

rich creative