competition entry in collaboration with Jukka Hulttunen

An urban furniture design competition for the city of Tallinn in Estonia. Our design tries to acknowledge the historical growth of Tallinn. The name of the city literally means 'Danish fort' and it was from this fortification the city of Tallinn was founded. New city walls were erected and defines what is now called the Old Town, which is not integrated with the concrete paneled Soviet era buildings beyond the old city walls. The proposed design is to gesture a third age of growth by adding a new layers of fragmented 'urban walls' in the form of urban furniture, thereby tying the city back to the Old Town and the Fort.

These concrete precast walls are to house services, which is the more permanent structures that the city offer, much like the defensive walls of the Old Town. Spaces that house people are ephemeral and ever changing and therefore are made out of lighter materials. The planning modules themselves are based on 4 different shapes (kiosk, toilet, phone booth, bus shelter) which came from a sliced up square allows for dynamic and organic compositions based on the localized needs at a given urban location.

tallinn module